Фотограф, визажист на Коста-Бланка в Испании Настасия Гусарова

Welcome to my website! My name is Anastasia Gusarova. I am a photographer, make-up artist, hair master, stylist and brand visualizer. I am also an aesthetician and a connoisseur of everything beautiful.

Therefore, I easily exchanged a career in a bank for a creative job. Along with my profession, I have changed many cities and even countries, but for the last six years I have been living in Spain.

This country has taught me to appreciate life, be in the moment and enjoy every day. I finally slowed down and listened to myself, realized who am I, what can I give to this world. And I want to multiply beauty by helping women to be liberated, so that they see how beautiful they are, accept their body and love themselves.

My Instagram @nastasiyagusarova