Initially Andrey and Maria planned to hold a ceremony with her family and friends in Georgia. It should be a luxurious wedding in the mountains near the church. But due to political events at the height of the season, they had to urgently change their plans. They chose sunny Spain, as they had long dreamed of visiting this country.

It was a challenge for our whole team to organize a wedding in a short time at the height of the season . But thanks to well-coordinated work and a sincere desire to create a real fairy tale for the guys, we managed. Even the weather was on our side on the side — a few minutes before the ceremony, the thickening clouds dispersed, and the sunset sun gave us a soft light.

Andrey and Maria’s words were so touching and sincere that none of the team could contain their emotions. We cried together with the guys with happiness, and at the end of the ceremony the whole team shouted to the young: “It’s bitter!”. After hot kisses, Maria confessed that she, in fact, in her dreams saw a wedding exactly like this. At such moments, you begin to appreciate your work even more, because you don’t just take beautiful pictures for memory, but make people a little happier!

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